ID 4 workstations

ID series with base cabinet each seat. Easy to assemble and dissemble for different space requests.


Desk Frame: metal in powdercoated;

Desk Top: good quality MDF, E0 or E1 standard;

with a drawer cabinet on the end;

Can with cable tray;

Can with chairs,


With Answer freestanding workstation solutions, it’s easy to achieve a consistent aesthetic across the floor plan, from open spaces to private offices. That means, create simple desking solutions throughout the office that coordinate and easily reconfigure and rearrange.


Desk Shells: 24”, 30”D; 60”, 66”, 72”W
Single-Pedestal Desk: 24”, 30”D; 60”, 66”, 72”W
Double-Pedestal Desks: 24”, 30”D; 60”, 66”, 72”W
Returns: 24”D; 24”-60”W
Pedestal Returns: 24”D; 24”-60”W
Bridges: 24”D; 42”, 48”, 60”W
Corner Desk: 24”D; 36”, 42”, 48”W
Hutch Kits: 14 7/8”D; 24”-72”W

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